Spray Foam Insulation Services

Durable Spray Foam to Increase the Life of Your Building

We offer residential and commercial spray foam insulation services in Maine. With one of the most advanced spray foam solutions in Maine, Foam Pro Inc offers customers superior services they know they can rely on.

In fact, our spray foam provides nearly twice the value of traditional insulation. The dense polyurethane and polyethane insulation we use is extremely durable and will expand and fully adhere to surfaces, strengthening the structure of a home.

Our insulation provides incredible thermal performance and can be installed in areas that would be inaccessible or difficult for other forms of insulation. It effectively isolates air currents and moisture, reducing the chance of mold or mildew and increasing the life of any building.

Why Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam:

  • Offers higher insulation ‘R’ value than traditional fiberglass
  • Provides a seamless air barrier
  • Restricts moisture transmission
  • Adds structural strength
  • Minimizes sound transmission

Cost Savings with Spray Foam Insulation

In Maine, a house with 1,800 square feet of living space can save $447/year on average using a spray foam insulation/air barrier when compared to standard rolled fiberglass insulation.

Start Planning Your Savings Today with Spray Foam Insulation!

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